3 Reasons You Need to Play Animal Crossing Postpartum

It’s no secret that postpartum life is hard. You’re not sleeping, your body is recovering (possibly from major abdominal surgery), and you’re taking care of a needy little one who can’t exactly communicate their needs. What makes postpartum even tougher? Having a newborn in the midst of a global pandemic exacerbates this challenging chapter in your life. It’s no longer safe to have visitors over to make sure you get naps and meals. Of course, certified postpartum doula who practices social distancing and safe practices can definitely be a lifesaver, but what can you do as a new parent to take care of your mental health and wellbeing? While postpartum, play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch! What are you doing to practice self care?

Orange County Doula Animal Crossing Postpartum
Relaxing with Animal Crossing is the best way to unwind postpartum, besides a good nap of course.

 Here are 3 reasons why Animal Crossing can bring you joy and calm postpartum: 

  1. The Nintendo Switch video game Animal Crossing has had a surge of popularity during COVID-19 due to the escapism gamers experience while playing the game.  In fact, Newsweek even reports that, “according to some mental health professionals, diving into the game is a great idea because of its loose narrative and slow-paced activities that can be compared to mindfulness.”  This game can easily be picked up when it’s nap time and put down when it’s time to feed.  Animal Crossing is the perfect postpartum companion.
  2. Can’t leave the house to run errands or meet a friend? In Animal Crossing you can build your own island, collect items and clothing, and build friendships with adorable villagers.

But you can also connect with friends IRL on Animal Crossing by visiting each other’s islands! How fun does a Friday night catching shooting stars with your bestie sound?  Animal Crossing makes postpartum more enjoyable.

Postpartum Friday Nights Animal Crossing
Friday nights during Covid19
  1. Mindfulness is such a buzzword right now, but for good reason. It reduces stress and overwhelm, while increasing a sense of calm and peace. You might not have the time, bandwidth, or physical ability for your favorite spin ride or yoga class, but maybe picking fruit and fishing is the way to go! As a postpartum doula, I always encourage my clients to find time for themselves to do something that sparks joy; why not find a distraction postpartum while playing Animal Crossing!