What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Why Do You Need it?

Every pregnant and postpartum person needs to know about their pelvic floor and pelvic floor physical therapy. A visit or several should be part of the prenatal and postpartum care plan. Bonus! If you hire me as your birth or postpartum doula, I can help you create this plan!

So here's my big question of the week: What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy & Why Do You Need it?

*Disclaimer: I am not your medical provider or your doula. As a doula, I provide informative and educational content only. Please talk to your provider to learn more.*⠀

The pelvic floor is a group of muscles running between your pubic bone and tailbone, like a sling or hammock. These muscles suppprt your uterus. These muscles suppprt your uterus, bladder, and colon. ⠀

During pregnancy and childbirth, your pelvic floor might become weaker. When you’re pregnant, your pelvic floor supports the weight of your babe and are softened by hormones.  When you’re giving birth, the muscles can be stained due to tears, nerve issues, etc. ⠀If you're local to Orange County, as your birth and postpartum doula I can refer you to providers and resources to protect your pelvic floor during birth and postpartum.

Pelvic floor PT during pregnancy can help strengthen these muscles and prepare your perineum for labor through perineal massage and other techniques. ⠀

After pregnancy (usually after your 6 week appointment), pelvic floor PT can help with diastasis recti, bladder issues and incontinence, breath work, as well as strengthening and stabilizing your pelvic muscles.  You may think leaking a little after birth is normal, but it’s not. It’s common and there’s a solution! ⠀

As a doula, I can not diagnose or treat your pelvic floor issues. But I can refer you to a network of amazing providers in your area so that you get the care you need! As a birth doula, I can also help you find laboring and birth positions that may reduce your chances of tearing. ⠀In Orange County? Check out the providers I linked in the previous sentence!

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