How to Add Doula Services to Your Baby Registry with BabyList

Happy New Year from Laguna Family Doulas! The holiday season may be over, but baby shower season is 365 days a year!  As you fill your registry with swaddles and burp clothes, you might also want to include doula services! Trust me, you’ll get plenty of onesies. 


Receiving a monetary gft towards a birth or postpartum doula package is the perfect way for your loved ones to support your growing family. Don’t forget that while your baby is about to be born, so are you as a new mom! This isn’t treating yourself; this is ensuring that you thrive during your postpartum period.


But can you add doula services to your Amazon or Buy Buy Baby registry? Not exactly, but you can use the super easy and helpful registry service Baby List!  Not only can you add doula services funds, but Baby List also gives handy recommendations on all the baby gear you could ask for. 


Here’s how easy it is. 


First, create your account!


Then, add gifts to your new registry.


Next, choose “Add Cash Fund” and then “Babylist Doula Fund.”


Finally, set your goal amount and name your fund! 


Super easy, right? After that all you need to do is link your account details so you can use those funds toward the birth or postpartum package of your choosing! You can also have your mom, MIL, or Aunt Susan contact us to set up a gift certificate towards your support package. No matter what, we will make sure you’re covered. Have the best baby shower!