Feeding Your Baby & the Holiday Season

The holidays are here! Winter Solstice began Saturday, Hanukkah started Sunday, and Christmas Eve is tomorrow! Plenty of merriment combined with a dash (large helping) of stress awaits. A dinner table full of laughter but also uncomfortable conversations about one’s life choices. As a first time mom, you are likely to be an unwitting participant in a few of those conversations. 

It seems like we receive judgement no matter how we feed our baby-breastfeeding (oh you’re still doing that?), bottle feeding (don’t you know that breast is best), or pumping (why would you do that when formula is so easy?). So this is your friendly reminder that you are the best mom for your baby. You are your baby’s safe space. 

Does your baby seem to want to nurse more this time of year? That’s okay! Being with you is the one place where they feel that security, that sense of home. Be proud of your choice, and confidently tell Aunt Karen, “this decision is best for my family,” and get back to soothing your baby the best way that you know how. It will be okay, I promise. 

As a postpartum doula, I am here for you. I provide breastfeeding education as well as emotional support. If you need that dose of confidence, I will be that cheerleader. Check out the contact me page for a free consultation.