Holiday Gift Guide for Baby

If you’re anything like me, you might feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gift guides shared via social media this jolly time of year. Gift Guides for Him, Gift Guides for Her, Gift Guides Under $50... The list goes on and on, and honestly, most guides seem to have the same 10 items. Who doesn’t want a Barefoot Dreams blanket, am I right? 


Unfortunately, as new parents, a ton of gifts (wanted and unwanted) are coming your way! Some of your relatives might ask you what you prefer they get for your little one, but others will buy the most overstimulating toy on the market. So bear with me for a simple gift guide for your newborn baby’s first holiday season. 


  1. Primary: The Baby Cozy Hat I am a big fan of basics in my wardrobe. I have this tee in almost every color imaginable and pair them with oversized cardigans. Call it my momiform, if you will. So it’s no surprise that I gravitate toward colorful basics when dressing up my nine month old son. Enter Primary. Primary Clothing offers simple basics in vibrant colors, like. bodysuits, zip up rompers and pjs, leggings, cozy beanies, and more. Their products are high in quality, always in stock, and often on sale. Could you ask for more? Nope. The Baby Cozy Hat looks adorable on all babies. I personally love Heather Grey and Pool. 
  2. Sophie la Giraffe When I was building my baby registry before my Postpartum Doula days, my bestie’s mom told me, “You gotta have a Sophie.”  Bewildered at why anyone would spend $24.95 on a teething toy, I added it to my list. But you know what? She was right! Sophie is every baby’s favorite toy. Easy to hold and chew, your baby will spend hours with her new giraffe friend. 
  3. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle & Sippy Cup Set Lifefactory makes tons of glass products with silicone sleeves for the whole home, including water bottles and backwear. Their baby bottle set is a popular choice because it’s easy to clean and transitions to a sippy cup when baby is ready. 
  4. Pure Natural Rubber Baby Bath Toy - Kala the Whale Bath toys are so cute, right? Unfortunately bath toys with holes can attract some gross substances (mold, yuck!) overtime. And while it’s debatable whether or not this can cause infections, it’s better to be safe with natural rubber bath toys without holes. Kala the Whale will make bath time a blast for your little one. 

  5. Taking Cara Babies Newborn Course If you’re a new parent with an iPhone and an Instagram account, you need to check out Taking Cara Babies. Known as the Baby Whisper among sleep-deprived parents everywhere, Cara posts helpful tips and tricks for getting baby to sleep from newborn to 24 months. If you need a more strategic method, she offers courses on newborn sleep and sleep training for months 5-24. Her newborn sleep course is gentle and involves zero crying, teaching parents to set a strong foundation from the beginning. Being a first time mom is difficult enough, so kindly start tagging your MIL on different @takingcarababies IG posts while hinting that if you get more sleep, she can babysit more often. Win Win.