Monday Round Up: Eating for Pregnancy & Transitioning from the Swaddle

EATING FOR PREGNANCY (and postpartum and beyond!)

I love reading books to inhance my knowledge and skills as a doula. This month’s book is Eating for Pregancy: Your Essential Month-by-Month Nutrition Guide and Cookbook by @eatingforpregnancy. 

Disclaimer: I was given this book to read and review.

When researching great recipes and nutritional info for pregnancy and postpartum, I often find recipes with hard-to-find ingredients and many complicated steps. What I love about this book is that it’s filled with 150 recipes that are easy to understand and often contain ingredients already found in your fridge and pantry. 

This book is an amazing resource to help you eat the right foods for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum.  It gives evidenced based information on what you should eat throughout each month of your pregnancy in terms of your baby’s development too! Plus did I mention how easy the recipes are? No one wants to make complicated meals when they’re pregnant or newly postpartum! 

I’ll be practicing the recipes in this book throughout the next few weeks so stay tuned to see some yummy, easy options in my stories! 

Plus, this book is in my lending library if you’re one of my clients! 

The first recipe I made was loaded sesame noodles. How good does that sound?

What was your favorite dish when you were pregnant? Let me know in the comments!

Eating for pregnancy
Transitioning from the swaddle to the sleep sack


How many of you swaddle(d) your newborn? 🙋🏼‍♀️

A swaddle can be a great tool to help your little newborn settle and sleep while feeling secure. 

But when should you stop swaddling?  The common recommendation is to stop swaddling your baby with arms tucked in between 2-3 months or if you notice your baby is trying to roll over. 

If your baby loves the swaddle, this transition can be tough. Try letting one arm out of the swaddle first to get your baby used to the freer range of motion and then let the other arm free! Or you could just let both arms out at once! Whatever works for your baby is best. 


After your baby is done with the swaddle, I love using a sleep sack! It’s a wearable blanket for baby and can help them feel cozy in their crib.  If your baby is used to be swaddled as a sign that it’s time for bed, a sleepsack can help replace that cue! 

If you use(d) a sleepsack, which one did you like? Tell me in the comments!